Over 99% of the windows we clean come out crystal clear, but we are not perfect. If you see anything that does not look right, even 1 streak, please let us know right away. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  We are in your neighborhood all the time and will gladly come back to fix anything that might not be just right.

Perfection is not possible, but your satisfaction is!  We are your service company so use us like one.  If something is wrong, don't worry about being a complainer and don't be angy.  Just give us a chance to show you the way a quality service company works - let us know and you will end up happy!

There are a few things to consider before we arrive:
If you have sliding glass doors
If you are having your screens cleaned
If you are not home
If you are removing your own screens
If you are removing your own storms
If we are doing interior work
​If we are power washing
  • Please contact us right away if you can't make your appointment.
  • Skylights that cannot be safely reached are not included in your price.
  • We only reschedule work due to darkness, lightning, temps below 27F, or excessive wind.  Safety always comes first at Blue Diamond.



  • We always remind you via mail, 7-10 days before your scheduled appointment.


  • We do not set appointment times for exterior window cleanings unless specifically requested.
  • Cracked windows, skylights, and doors will not be cleaned.
  • If we are just cleaning your exterior windows no one has to be home.

(800) 870-0046
(401) 885-6255
(508) 435-9273

  • Exterior windows behind overgrown shrubs and bushes will be cleaned as best as possible.
  • Rain or snow during or after our cleaning does not effect the results.


  • At Blue Diamond we pride ourselves for being on time.  We will contact you if we happen to be running ahead or behind schedule.


Full payment is due at the time of service.  If you have not prepaid and are not going to be home, simply put a check into an envelope and tape it to either the front or back door.  Please do not leave payments inside your mailbox.  It is illegal for us to open anyone's mailbox.


unlock screen doors (but leave them on)
stack outside (exterior only cleanings)
​close and lock all windows
remove day before service
remove day before service
​clear knickknacks where we are working
​have your faucets on